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Opportunities for medicinal chemists also exist in academia and in government agencies. Polymer Chemist. Polymer chemistry involves the study and synthesis of. What can you do with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry? · Entry-level Chemist · Lab Technician · Analytical Chemist · Research Assistant · QA/QC Chemist · Chemistry. 1a. Sample Occupations · Sustainability Specialist · Medical Researcher · Energy Asset Management Professional · Nanotechnologist · Regulatory / Government. Chemistry and biochemistry are tremendously versatile majors, preparing you for a wide variety of career options and providing a. High Paying Chemistry Jobs · Medicinal Chemist · Wet Chemistry Analyst · Chemical Process Engineer · Research Chemist · Formulation Chemist · Chemical Engineer · Lab.

There are many career paths in chemistry, including chemists, material scientists, chemical technicians, biochemists, and research, to name a few. Chemistry jobs are plentiful, but they don't have to involve working with hazardous materials or wearing a lab coat! You could be a research scientist, a. Job options · Academic researcher · Analytical chemist · Biotechnologist · Clinical scientist, biochemistry · Colour technologist · Crime scene investigator · Forensic. Analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, crime scene investigator, detective, forensic scientist, scientific laboratory technician, toxicologist, border force. What Can I Do With An Undergraduate Degree In Chemistry? · Chemist · Quality Control Chemist · Laboratory Technician · Technical Sales Representative · Chemical and. You could apply these skills to a career as a lawyer, a sales representative, a research chef, a small business owner, an advertising consultant and the list. Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, etc.: Many students use chemistry degrees as a stepping stone to a variety of health professional schools. Chemistry majors conduct research, study abroad, and intern to get experience at UT. Graduates go on to careers in tech, business, government, and research or. A degree in chemistry prepares you for careers in a wide variety of fields in industry, healthcare and biomedical science. Our alumni go onto graduate and. Bachelor's in chemistry careers include jobs as a paralegal, patent specialist or legal assistant. Students who are interested in attending law school could. Chemistry jobs are plentiful, but they don't have to involve working with hazardous materials or wearing a lab coat! You could be a research scientist, a.

What do you care most about? · Changing lives. As a chemist you could be developing new medicines, vaccines and medical devices · Fixing the future. · Innovating. Where I work, our graduates go on to a range of careers, such as becoming analytical chemists, further education/research, teaching, working for. What jobs can you get with an undergraduate Chemistry degree? · analytical, formulation, medicinal or process chemist · chemical or geochemical engineer. What Types of Careers Can I do with a Degree in Chemistry? · Medical Laboratory Scientist · Biomedical Chemist · Industrial Hygienist or Toxicologist. What can you do with a chemistry degree? ; Health & Safety Process Chemistry Biotechnology ; Chemistry & the Law Human Resources Forensics Environmental Chemistry. Careers in Chemistry · Analytical chemist · Bioanalytical scientist · Business development manager · Chemical engineer · Chemical sales representative · Defence. Chemists can work in research, production or sales among popular careers in industry for which a BS is adequate, a MS preferable and a PhD. Career opportunities in the UK and overseas · analytical chemists · chemical engineers · forensic examiners · forensic researchers · police officers · project. Possible careers in Chemistry include food chemists, science writers, environmental consultants, lab managers, crime scene investigators, and policymakers.

What can you do with a chemistry major? · Students seeking careers in chemistry have many research opportunities at Carthage. Shown is a st Analytical Chemist. Why study chemistry at Gordon College? · Anesthesiologist · Assayer · Astrophysicist · Ballistics Expert · Biochemist · Cardiologist · Chemical Analyst · Chemist. Explore this Section · Majoring in chemistry offers students an array of career paths—the one you choose will depend on your personality and interests. · What Can. Highest-Paying Jobs With a Chemistry Degree · Laboratory Assistant · 9. Pharmacist Technician · 8. Laboratory Technician · 7. Research Assistant · 6. Some chemists and materials scientists work in basic research. Others work in applied research. In basic research, chemists investigate the properties.


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